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MAX will simplify the most complex security policies by incorporating both local and enterprise requirements into configurable web forms.  Pre-register individuals and groups through a visit request or invite visitors to register themselves in advance to ease check-in times.



Enterprise Sanction Investigator, Criminal history, and Customised watchlists.  Know who is entering your facility: vetting through multiple data sources at one time including federal watchlists and the ability to create a customized barrment list.  NCIC-III available for law enforcement.

Custom Solutions

TARGE is continually advancing our technology to respond to ever-evolving security threats.  MAX delivers a high level of integration options including.  Integrations with external systems such as PACS, LDAP, and Key Management.


TARGE mandates top-level encryption. MAX has been accredited with regulations such as FISMA and DIACAP, complying with NIST 800-53, and FIPS standards.  TARGE partners with Oracle utilizing the FedRAMP accredited OCI cloud environment. MAX Visitor Management System is a valued tool for AM&E and ITAR compliance.


Ideal for Critical Infrastructure. MAX is provided as a secure SaaS (software as a service) and has a reliability uptime of 99.97%.    Scalability to perform at one site or multiple sites worldwide.


TARGE offers a variety of services including support, system design, and in-depth training. The end-user experience is the #1 priority.  Support is provided for users, technical and IT staff, hardware, and on-site.  Our goal is to become trusted partners with our clients to provide the best services.


Managing Visitors

In Your Secure Facility Is Our Specialty!

Ancient soldiers protected their perimeter with a shield that was more than a shield: A Targe.  A Targe with a spiked central boss was used not only as a defensive measure but also as an offensive one.

Let your first line of defense be a powerful one by vetting who comes in before they arrive.   TARGE protects using the power of the MAX Visitor Management System so you can be assured your company or organization is protected before visitors are allowed inside.

Like a Targe, MAX can provide your organization with safeguards and security measures. MAX is a powerful visitor management software that allows you to control who enters your facility. This “shield” was built by security experts to help protect people, assets, and critical infrastructure.  Know who is entering your facility with multi-data source vetting including federal watchlists and the ability to create customized barrment lists.

Protect your company with TARGE.

Effective Visitor Management is a Process

Visitor management starts long before the visitor arrives. Organizations establish rules and requirements regarding visitors, contractors, and employees obtaining entry into a secure location.  The visitor management process must follow the rules and requirements established by an organization.  A visitor management system is a cost-effective way to automate and streamline this process while enforcing policies regarding granting access to the facility and managing the information about those visits before, during, and after visitors leave. MAX allows staff to work more efficiently and enables guards to focus on the important tasks they have been trained to do rather than data entry.


Solutions to Visitor Management

TARGE strives to provide the most comprehensive resource for relaying accurate information and making informed decisions. Put simply, TARGE offers the most advanced yet simple to use systems in the industry. Contact us today to see how this custom-tailored approach can resolve even the most complex visitor management issues. Finding a security solution to monitor and track visitors can be a daunting task but TARGE wants to make your search easy. MAX has been designed from the ground up as a highly configurable visitor management solution that is easily tailored to your organization’s rules and regulations.

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