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TARGE’s main goal is to protect Critical Infrastructure and to provide customers and clients with safer facilities.  Our products help customers to create a safer and more secure work environment.


The origin of TARGE dates back to the events of 9/11 and the resulting need to protect high value targets.  The founders of TARGE originally provided consulting services to the US Military, federal agencies, and state law enforcement.  The focus was on large secure web applications serving tens of thousands to millions of users.     The Targe family of products has earned TARGE a reputation as a leader in enterprise-class visitor management.  Targe systems are based on solid performance, ease of use, architecture, configurability, scalability, connectability, and reliability.

Customers have been continuously using the Targe since 2002. Since first going live, Targe has maintained better than 99.97% uptime. Targe has recently received excellent evaluations from current clients using TargeVisitor. In terms of security, reliability, ease of use, and speed of support when it is needed, nothing beats TargeVisitor.

As our company is now taking a more proactive approach to providing security solutions to a wider market, we have chosen to embrace the Targe as our symbol because we are not just protecting critical infrastructure, we are enabling our customers to be on the offensive against potential security threats.


Our software evaluates visitors to ensure that the proper people are allowed onto your facility.  As one of the TARGE founders said when TargeVisitor was first created “It doesn’t do any good to provide advanced internal security if the bad guys are allowed to enter through the front door.”   Allowing the good guys in and keeping the bad guys out is accomplished through proper channels. Our customers can have visitors vetted through federal watchlists and barrment rosters.  Some customers with an ORI can also use our NCIC capabilities to vet visitors.  Once vetted, our system works seamlessly to help you create various types of visitor badges based on your customized needs.  Our products keep your visitor information safe including Personal Identifiable Information (PII). We encrypt all information using the same standards that the US Government uses for Top Secret information.  All information can be turned into a report for your organization. This gives your security representatives real-time information about who and where visitors are within your facilities.


TARGE has extensive experience working with government facilities and the public safety marketplace since 2001.  TARGE has pioneered the design and development of web-based automated visitor and credential management systems.  TARGE has intelligence analysis and threat assessment tools that are currently in use throughout various federal and commercial organizations.  TARGE has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the generation of real-time security and intelligence products under crisis and time-critical conditions.  As a result, TARGE is able to leverage off existing knowledge to provide a comprehensive product capable of addressing facility-wide and enterprise-wide visitor management.

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