Tips For Vetting New Employees

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Hiring new employees can be stressful as you have to find someone with the right qualifications and experience. You also need to ensure that they are telling you the truth and this can be done through vetting the candidates. If you are unsure about where to start with the vetting process, there are a number of tips that you should use to ensure that this is done correctly.

  • Rely On The InternetDo Not Rely On The Internet

There are many people who use a quick internet search to verify that the candidate is who they say they are. While this can be a good place to starts and is something you should be doing, you cannot rely on a Google search only. You have to take further steps to verify identity, qualifications and past work history.

The internet search can help you find the candidate’s social media accounts so you can see what they have been posting and if it is in line with your business values. However, you need to complete a background check if you are thinking of offering the person a job. The depth of the background check will vary depending on the sensitivity of your business and the data that you work with. If you deal with financial data, you have to complete a background check and a credit check.

  • Call The References

Call The ReferencesThe references that are provided by the candidate will need to be checked. Emailing the references is often the easiest option, but does not always yield the right data and can easily be faked by the candidate. This is why you should take the time to call all of the references.

A phone call will also give you the opportunity to ask follow up questions based on the answers given. This can lead you to negative information about the candidate that you might not have received otherwise. Of course, you should not wing it when you call and have a list of open-ended questions ready based on the information that you have about the candidate.

Be Aware Of  The Legalities

When vetting candidates, you need to be careful because there is a legal minefield waiting for you. You should not run criminal checks and other background checks indiscriminately because this could lead to rejected candidates claiming discrimination. You should only be running certain background checks when the job you are hiring calls for this.

This means that if you are hiring a receptionist, you probably do not have to run a credit history check. However, if you are hiring a cashier or someone who has access to accounting records, a more thorough background check is expected. Criminal background checks should be handled with care and only when specific duties are part of the job.

You should also note that looking at social media should be done with care as it could also result in a discrimination claim. While posts on social media can tell you a lot about the candidate, if you do not hire them they could claim discrimination. An example of this will be a woman who announced on social media that she is pregnant and claims that she was not hired based on this fact which is considered discrimination.

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