Civilian Contractors and Site Access Management

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Site Access ManagementThe security and safety of your site begin with knowing which persons are on-site, protecting your intellectual property and assets, and the safety of all your employees using robust visitor management. How would you manage private access to your building or a zone within the building? We are specialists in managing civilian visitors in your facility. Our security firm offers superior security solutions that make it possible for a business to efficiently and safely manage all incoming visitors while sticking to the highest security protocols.

It is no debate that the security concerns experienced in the modern-day world imply that visitor management should more than a mere digital sign-in log. Businesses that are serious about their security should understand that the control of civilian access in a facility is a process that could be deemed time-consuming and costly. Besides, there is quite a complicated balance between security and convenience, and we are going to provide a comprehensive solution to each of these challenges. For non-federal facilities, the use of TargeVisitor makes it possible for organizations to implement a custom-made visitor management process and gather data from those accessing every facility, which later becomes a wealthy asset for security personnel.

Effective civilian access management is a long process,

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And it often starts even before the civilian comes on-site. The first step in the entire process is deciding whether the visit will take place. This usually is done through conversations between the civilian and an individual who has been granted access to the facility. The second step is arguably the most crucial stage, and it is where a visitor Management System comes into use. Firms that utilize the MAX system are already aware that it is a cost-effective way to streamline and automate the process of granting visitors access to a facility and managing all the information about their visit once they have left.

A facility with overly lenient security policies concerning granting access to civilians will often realize that individuals find it easier to ignore the security policies instead of complying. When civilian access is too convenient, the facility will not be in a good position to mitigate the risks of such visits, and it will leave some crucial infrastructure vulnerable. All the same, none of those will make your facility safer. The military, in particular, should consistently comply with specific security policies and requirements to safeguard the lives of individuals working on the installation, operations, missions, and critical intel.

A MAX system provides installations with the power to meet the ever-growing security needs as well as manage an efficient visitor management procedure. Using the latest security technology to provide security personnel with the tools they need to work effectively to determine the appropriateness of access, while also quickening the process of badging civilian visitors when they arrive and reporting on all the data collected from the visitors.

Automated Visit Requests

visitor management processThe most critical phase of the entire visitor management process is efficient data collection. This data is instrumental in establishing fitness for civilian access. The more info your organization is able to collect about a potential visitor, the better. The MAX system is designed with the idea that not all data should be obtained at the initial stage. In most cases, the civilian visitor will not be on-site when their information is fed into a MAX system; therefore, these forms are designed to speed up the request process while still making it easy for the organization to gather all the vital information. Any additional information could be collected when the visitor arrives.

In the beginning, any facility requires sufficient information to establish the fitness of civilian access, and this information could differ depending on the site’s specific security needs. It is for this reason that the MAX system has been developed with visit request forms that can be custom configured. This makes it possible for a customer to decide what information must be entered on the request forms and of the information provided, which one is mandatory and which one is optional.

On-site civilian access management is essential if you are to maintain the security of your facility, and with the right tools, the whole process can be flawless.

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